The State of PrEP Research and Utilization of PrEP among Transgender Communities

Although trans women are one of the populations most impacted by HIV globally, PrEP clinical trials have not meaningfully included trans women. Furthermore, drug-drug interactions between PrEP and feminizing hormones are relatively unknown. Even less is known about PrEP and trans men. As PrEP is launched nationally, care should be taken to ensure gender affirming clinical environments for trans populations. This workshop will provide an overview of the current research and literature on PrEP use among transgender communities from investigators at the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health at the University of California, San Francisco. A moderated panel will follow with trans consumers of PrEP and physicians who have prescribed PrEP for trans patients. Next steps and recommendations will be discussed.


  • The Center of Excellence for Transgender Health, UCSF