Opening Plenary

We know that one pill a day has the power to prevent HIV. But do we have the resources and political will to ensure this option is a reality for all those in need of additional options in their prevention package? This plenary offers a chance to hear from the Office of National AIDS Policy on the federal government’s efforts around PrEP coupled with the debut of NMAC’s recommendations to the next administration about PrEP scale up and needs to help ensure equity and prevention. Finally, a tale of two cities– how PrEP use and access can be changed by the political climate.


  • Amy Lansky, PhD, MPH, Office of National AIDS Policy
  • Alicia Cooke, MPH, Louisiana Office of Public Health, STD/HIV Program
  • Phoenix Smith, MSW, Office of HIV Health Services at Alameda County
  • Sean Bland, JD, O’Neill Institute