No Money, No Problem: How to Effectively Engage and Mobilize Online Communities Without A Dime

The Internet, mobile technology, and social media allow us to amplify our advocacy and outreach efforts by providing the ability to reach communities and networks around the world in an instant. But how do you compete with 24-hour news cycles, fortune 500 company budgets in advertising and a constant barrage of kitty videos? This interactive session will share tips, tools, and hard life lessons learned from those who have created PrEP informational campaigns with nothing but a keyboard, a camera, and the passion and drive to create real change and make a difference. Come prepared to create and take action for building your own platform to help others and change the world.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain basic tools for starting a social media campaign
  • Learn strategies that have succeeded (and failed) to launch messages
  • Understand techniques for how to nurture and grow community online
  • Create and develop action plans that can be utilized beyond the conference setting


  • Damon L. Jacobs, PrEPFacts
  • Jennie Anderson, Kaiser Family Foundation/Greater Than AIDS
  • Chris Richey, San Francisco AIDS Foundation
  • Ken Williams aka Ken Like Barbie, AIDS Foundation Houston