Leveraging Existing Navigation Models to Enhance Engagement in PrEP Services

This workshop, developed in collaboration with NMAC and AIDS Project Los Angeles, will use interactive activities to demonstrate how to leverage existing PrEP implementation resources and the HIV/AIDS Navigation Model to create a navigation program specific for PrEP services. This model aims to provide a blueprint for providers to assist individuals in navigating a complex medical and psychosocial system to achieve two goals: 1.) Become fully engaged in PrEP services; and 2.) Create self-sufficiency to identify and resolve barriers that could prevent them from becoming fully engaged in PrEP services. The session will also include information on capacity building resources for PrEP navigation programs. Target Audience: PrEP navigators; Organizations implementing or desiring to implement PrEP navigation programs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the PrEP/PEP Navigation (PN) model
  • Determine how PN can support those at highest need to become self-sufficient and fully engaged in PrEP or PEP services
  • Understand capacity building services for PrEP Navigation


  • Kim Johnson, MD, NMAC
  • Tamara Combs, NMAC
  • Miguel Chion, MD, MPH, AIDS Project Los Angeles
  • Oscar Márquez, AIDS Project Los Angeles
  • Jadagisa-Devasri Dacus, LMSW, MPhil – New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene