Exploring New Frontiers: Our Next Best Opportunities for PrEP Expansion

Many of the places that may be considered non-traditional spaces, will need to become part of the status quo in order to achieve the goal of zero new infections. This session will explore the opportunities and challenges of expanding PrEP points-of-access in the communities that need it most. We will explore a variety of missed opportunities, including but not limited to, reproductive health centers, communities of color, universities/colleges, and drug rehabilitative centers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss what can be done to enhance the uptake of PrEP services among healthcare providers in underutilized places.
  • Address the needs of drug using populations.
  • Explore the resources and systems that are available to help support the integration of PrEP.


  • Marty Bond, Office of Women’s Health
  • Jessica Terlikowski, AIDS Foundation of Chicago
  • Hyman M. Scott, MD, MPH, Bridge HIV, SFDPH
  • Claire Simeone, DNP, FNP, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center
  • Noel Gordon, Jr., Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
  • Maggie Czarnogorski, MD, VA Medical Center