Engaging Community in Clinical PrEP Research

This session will feature community educational leaders from the NIH’s HIV prevention trial networks (HPTN, MTN, and HVTN) and a leading community advocacy and educational organization (AVAC). The importance of stakeholder engagement throughout the research process and how the use of the Good Participatory Practice (GPP) guidelines can frame this work will also be introduced and discussed. A substantial portion of this session will be dedicated to answering questions that participants have about HIV prevention research, particularly related to PrEP.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the key issues researchers have encountered as they have educated individuals at risk for HIV about tenofovir-emtricitabine for PrEP and new prevention modalities, including topical and injectable approaches, as well as vaccines and immunoprophylaxis (infusion of broadly neutralizing antibodies).
  • Address key issues that individuals may consider when deciding to initiate PrEP or to enroll in a new HIV prevention trial including while also answering questions about the timelines for the new trials and the promise of new prevention technologies.
  • Discuss the initiatives and web resources that have been made recently to educate at risk individuals from communities of color about the current status of oral PrEP and the development of new alternatives.
  • Discuss opportunities to become involved in research as participants and clinical research advocates, and will discuss existing on line resources for on-going updates about the status of HIV prevention research


  • S. Wakefield, HIV Vaccine Trials Network
  • Jonathan Paul Lucas, FHI 360
  • Deirdre Grant, AVAC